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Virvio designs innovative medicines that improve people's lives. Our computational drug discovery platform rapidly optimizes synthetic biotherapies that are easy to manufacture, shelf stable and outperform known antibodies.

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Virvio is changing how ordinary people get treated for common diseases. Our minibinder medicines mimic proven monoclonal antibodies with safer, more effective biologic alternatives. These medicines represent a new era of accessible treatments for indications like asthma, flu and neuropathic pain.

Old Antibody Interaction

Traditional monoclonal antibodies have proven effects but also many well-known limitations. They are relatively clumsy by today’s biotechnology standards and can have serious toxicity issues compared to alternative biotherapeutics.

New Minibinder Interaction

Virvio minibinders confer the same advantages as traditional biologics. Unlike other biologics, our design algorithms are also able to tailor scaffold characteristics and structures that are unattainable with other methods.

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