Event – 2017 PEGS Boston

PEGS Boston 2017 (Cambridge Healthtech Institute) – Virvio will present “Computational Design of de novo Anti-Influenza Minibinder Proteins” during the Engineering Antibodies session in the Engineering Stream. (http://www.pegsummit.com/Engineering-Antibodies/)

Event – 2016 BioPharm America

EBD Group – Global drug development executives converge on Boston for BioPharm America™ 2016 (http://www.ebdgroup.com/corp/global-drug-development-executives-converge-on-boston-for-biopharm-america-2016/)

Press Coverage – STAT

STAT (Reporting from the Frontiers of Health and Medicine) – Molecular origami: Protein engineering emerges to fight disease (https://www.statnews.com/2016/08/12/protein-engineering-disease-nature/)

Event – 2016 Next Gen Protein Therapeutics Summit

Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit (IBC Life Sciences) – Virvio will present “Developing Molecules by Design for Influenza” on Monday at 3:30pm during the Creative Protein Engineering and Design Approaches session …