Press Coverage – Protein Origami

NOVA – The Origami Revolution – Virvio co-founders Dr. Aaron Chevalier and Prof. David Baker featured in an episode of NOVA, including a description of our anti-flu minibinder. (

Press Coverage – STAT

STAT (Reporting from the Frontiers of Health and Medicine) – Molecular origami: Protein engineering emerges to fight disease (

Press Coverage – GeekWire

GeekWire (Space & Science) – Designer proteins, created and edited on computers, open up new biotech frontiers (

Press Coverage – Xconomy

EXOME (Xconomy) – Seattle’s Life Science Disruptors Take The Stage on May 2 (

Press Coverage – Daily Mail (UK)

Daily Mail (UK) – Could this be the end of flu? Revolutionary drug which both prevents and treats illness ‘more effective than Tamiflu’ (